Teaching assistant in Paris 7 (ex Paris-Diderot)

During my PhD, I have given tutorial classes.
Probabilities in L3 MIASHS (last year of Bachelor in Maths & Computer Science applied to Humanities), 2017 -2021
Calculus in L1 Maths (first year of Bachelor) 2020-2021
Analysis and Probabilities in Engineering School (EIDD), 2017-2020
Probabilities in L2 Maths (second year of Bachelor), 2018-2019

Oral examiner in CPGE

In the French post-secondary education system, the CPGE (classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles) are two years of study for preparing competitive examinations to enter some graduate schools. During those years, students have weekly oral tests (« colles »). I gave such assessments in mathematics.

2014-2016: Oral examiner in CPGE, Lycée Louis-le-Grand, Paris
2013-2015: Oral examiner in CPGE, Lycée Condorcet, Paris