My research mainly focuses on sparse random graphs and Markov chains, and on how to derive global properties (scaling limits, mixing times for random walks, percolation) on those structures.


2019 Cutoff for random lifts of weighted graphs, Conchon–Kerjan Guillaume,
The Annals of Probability 50(1): 304-338 (January 2022). DOI: 10.1214/21-AOP1534.


2021 Anatomy of a gaussian giant: supercritical level-sets of the free field on regular random graphs, Conchon–Kerjan Guillaume (submitted).

2020 The stable graph: the metric space scaling limit of a critical random graph with i.i.d. power-law degrees, Conchon–Kerjan Guillaume and Goldschmidt Christina (in revision for The Annals of Probability).

Talks and conferences

May 2021 Seminar in Probability Theory and Statistics, Universität Basel.
Talk: « Level-set percolation of the GFF on regular graphs: emergence of a Gaussian giant »

July 2019 Random Trees and Graphs Summer School, CIRM, Marseille.
Talk: « Cutoff for the random walk on random lifts »

June 2019 Les Probabilités de Demain, Université Paris-Diderot.
Talk: « Cutoff for the random walk on lifts of graphs »

July 2018 Saint-Flour Probability Summer School.
Talk: « Metric scaling limit for a critical configuration model with power-law degrees »

May 2018 Franco-Dutch YEP Workshop, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Talk: « Metric scaling limit for a critical configuration model with power-law degrees »

January 2018 Young Probabilists and Statisticians, IHP, Paris

July 2017 Spectral properties of large random objects, IHES, France

March 2017 Journées ALEA, CIRM, Marseille

July 2016 Saint-Flour Probability Summer School

June 2015 PIMS Summer School, McGill University, Montréal